University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is structured in six Schools (Economics; Law; Engineering; Humanities and Philosophy; Medicine and Surgery; Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences) which are organised in 18 Departments located in the Campus. It also hosts important research institutions, such as CNR and the Italian Space Agency which contributed to turning “Tor Vergata” into a dynamic research pole and a lively education environment. The University is fully engaged in promoting an international dimension of studies; it counts more than 500 bilateral and cultural/scientific cooperation agreements with partner Universities worldwide to promote joint research programmes and academic exchanges. Besides traditional university missions (‘higher education and training’ and ‘research’), “Tor Vergata” is working hard to develop new activities linked to the so called ‘Third Mission’. Through the Third Mission Universities can activate direct interaction processes with the civil society, institutions and the entrepreneurial fabric aiming at promoting social innovation and growth in local areas.

 The University is deeply involved in the field of Preservation of Cultural Heritage by promoting the activities of the Research Centre on Landscape and Territory (Pa.Ter), of the Interdepartmental Centre for Territorial Transformations Study: Cultural and Environmental Heritage and Computer Sciences (CESTER) and of the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. Many educational, training and research activities are developed within the five-years Master’s degree in Architecture and Building Engineering; the knowledge of the history and of the stratification processes of the cities and landscape, the theories, methods and techniques for restoration of cultural heritage and for valorisation of historic urban landscape are main topics of courses and laboratories in History of Architecture, Architectural Restoration, Urban Design and Town Planning (

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