The outcomes of the Course are the following three projects elaborated by the participants during the en charette studios. Focus of the studios were the two major piazzas, of Palestrina and Castel S. Pietro Romano, identified by the respective local authorities as case studies in order to promote their ri-qualification and valorisation. The participants were divided in 3 groups and worked under the supervision of the whole group of professors. The projects are here presented with few slides. While the last slide summarises their aims and intentions.
All projects share an interest in contextualising the piazza (case study area) in its historical transformations and broader urban and natural environment. They seek solutions by interpreting past and present conditions and by integrating tangible and intangible heritage conservation with new urban and social needs. In other words, all projects seem to be extremely sensible to the HUL approach and in this sense they offer a further input on how to apply HUL in the context of small historic cities.

Lovetown (CN)

Rebuild Memories (CN)

Recognition Palestrina (CN)