The ICVBC – Institute for the Conservation and Valorisation of Cultural Heritage (www.icvbc.cnr.it) is one of the four CNR (National Research Council of Italy) research institutes working on cultural heritage and the only one focusing on urban conservation and sustainable enhancement. Since its creation in 2001, the ICVBC has as its institutional goal the monitoring of the state of conservation of outdoor cultural properties, particularly those consisting of natural and artificial stone materials. In this context, the Unit of Rome since 2006 has concentrated its research activity on the sustainable conservation and enhancement of historic cities with particular attention to their integration in their territory and the conservation of local identities and the quality of life. With three locations (Florence, Rome and Milan) and an interdisciplinary staff (such as chemists, conservators, geologists, architects, archaeologists, urban and art historians), the ICVBC operates with a holistic perspective in the field of cultural heritage preservation and valorisation by developing innovative methods, techniques and materials for monumental and urban conservation and for the promotion and implementation of integrated and sustainable approaches in the field.

Project coordinator: Heleni Porfyriou: heleni.porfyriou@cnr.it
Researchers: Laura Genovese: genovese@icvbc.cnr.it, Loredana Luvidi, Fernanda Prestileo, Eleonora Stella

Webmaster: Andrea Bangrazi: andreabangrazi@gmail.com